Visualize that you are graduating and in front of you is one of these magnificent speakers, giving the commencement address.

Have your future you think back to this day, this class, the beginning of your college experience.

What skills do you have to develop in order to be sitting at graduation?

I would want to know where things  are, and how to get things done – rules and regulations.

Mostly I would want to know where am I going,  and how do I pass the classes to get there?

Whether it is test anxiety, learning how you learn, or knowing where to go for help, we are going to address the topic.

I am pretty passionate about figuring the college thing out.

When I was a freshman, I almost flunked out in the first semester.  No joke.  I had a 1.27 grade point average.

No one told me what the deal was, and what this studying thing was like.

If I can save you some pain by sharing what I have picked up along the way, then I am happy.